FEATURE | Kidd Russell

The song “Could It Be The Juice (Acoustic)” [in the video above] was released just five days ago.

Anyone who is in Chicago Saturday night should go see alternative/hip-hop artist Kidd Russell. He’s a Chicago native and will be performing at Reggies at 2105 South State this Saturday, February 18. To try to describe his sound or to compare him to another artist is quite arduous. While perusing his creations, the similarities range from Bone Thugs to Common, Jadakiss, the more melodic version of Wiz Khalifa, and Young Jeezy if Jeezy would have come out of Chicago instead of Georgia. But it doesn’t matter what type of song he does because Kidd puts his mark on it. And, if you step back and look at all of his music, the single track doesn’t stick out. Think of a photo mosaic–where enormous amounts of little different photos all make sense when combined to form one big picture–in this case Kidd Russel as a musician. Big things are expected of this Kidd. Recently, he just finished working on his new epic EP titled Pulaski Day, which he crafted with Cisco Adler [Shwayze producer, musician] and collaborator Ross Gola.  Pulaski Day is being released by Bananabeat Records/The Orchard March 2nd.

Kidd Russell has led an exciting and entertaining life thus far.

While in high school, Kidd used to freestyle on roof tops with professional wrestler Colt Cabana of WWE, ROH, and MTV. (pretty fucking awesome, huh?) Colt strongly encouraged Kidd to pursue his music career, and booked his first show at a none other than a wrestling/rap concert in Cleveland, Ohio. (We really wish we could make this shit up)

In college, instead of completing assignments for his radio production class, he would use his studio time to record songs which spread around his APU campus. After leaving college and returning to Chicago, Kidd built a reputation as one of the hardest working artists in the region. Self-releasing, promoting, and managing his career, Kidd has had his music featured on MTV2, MTV Jams, and numerous TV shows–including the TV theme song to Ring of Honor Wrestling “Rush Rock Remix”. The music video for that song caught the attention of Sonja Norwood, mother and manager of Brandy and Ray J. It was her guidance that lead to Kidd working with Cisco Adler. Kidd has assured us that Pulaski Day is “going to be fucking epic”, and we believe him. The EP already has 2 singles licensed to an upcoming skateboard-focused Android game being released by www.distinctivegames.com

You can also find more of Kidd’s songs featured on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations, ESPN, and many more. Over the last few years Kidd and his homeless Dj John Blaze have shared the stage with Shwayze, The Roots, Common, The Flobots, Uncle Kracker, Nappy Roots, Chris Webby, G Love, The Deans List, Oncue, AER, MOD SUN, Mickey Avalon and many more.

Check out his Facebook page for more tracks!

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