natalia kills

EDM ROUND-UP | Wolfgang Gartner / Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike / Kaskade, Dada Life / Datsik / Firebeatz, Schella / Schoolboy / Natalia Kills

ELECTRO | Wolfgang Gartner – “Nuke” 

ELECTRO | Wolfgang Gartner – “Love & War” 

ELECTRO-HOUSE | Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike f/ Yves V – “Loops & Tings” 

ELECTRO-HOUSE | Kaskade f/ Haley – “Llove (Dada Life Remix)” 

DUBSTEP | Linkin Park – “Until It Breaks (Datsik Remix)”  

ELECTRO-HOUSE | Firebeatz & Schella – “Dear New York” 

ELECTRO | Maurizio Gubellini & Delayers – “In Da House” [Full Song]

ELECTRO | Schoolboy – “Aftershock” 

ALT-TRONIC | Natalia Kills – “Controversy” 

MASHUP | 3LAU – “Walls”

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ALBUM | LMFAO – ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’

LMFAO | Sorry For Party Rocking

Download: Full Album



Single Songs:

“Rock The Beat II”

Download: Rock The Beat II

“Sorry For Party Rocking”

 Download: Sorry For Party Rocking

“Party Rock Anthem” f/ Lauren Bennett & GoonRock

Download: Party Rock Anthem

“Sexy And I Know It”

 Download: Sexy And I Know It

“Champagne Showers” f/ Natalia Kills

Download: Champagne Showers

“One Day”

Download: One Day

“Take It To The Hole” f/ Busta Rhymes

 Download: Take It To The Hole

“Best Night” f/, GoonRock & Eva Simons

 Download: Best Night

“All Night Long” f/ Lisa

Download: All Night Long

“With You”

Download: With You

“Hot Dog”

Download: Hot Dog

“Put That A$$ To Work”

 Download: Put That A$$ To Work

“We Came Here To Party” f/ GoonRock

Download: We Came To Party

“Reminds Me Of You” f/ Calvin Harris

Download: Reminds Me Of You

“Party Rock Anthem (Remix)” f/ Benny Benassi

Download: Party Rock Anthem (Remix)

CLUB | LMFAO – “Champagne Showers” f/ Natalia Kills

As much as I appreciate LMFAO taking their techno beats to a more intense level….I’m really not feeling this one yet. I feel like they wrote the lyrics and created (or possibly sampled) the beat at different times, then tried to overlay them and the puzzle pieces didn’t quite line up so they smashed the pieces together with their fist. It gets better around the 3:30 mark but I just don’t see this being one of their top songs of the new album…but who knows, I could be wrong and could end up liking this after a couple listens in the right setting. I’m sure there will be some remixes that come out and make the song even better.

 Listen & Download: Champagne Showers (CDQ)